A Zen Coaching workshop on heart-felt integrity in relationships

Who’s business are you in?
In relating we easily lose ourselves, become co-dependent and start projecting all kinds of stuff on each other. In this workshop we will explore this entanglement and how to get out of it, connecting to our deeper presence, love and truth. From being at home in ourselves, we can create the relationships that we truly long for. 
We will explore tools from our wide range of experience in working with people;
Zen Coaching, Family constellations, Voice Dialogue, Trauma work, Attachment theory, 12-step Codependency work, Osho meditations/therapy, shamanic studies and inquiry. 
Roger and Kavina are well-known for creating a safe container, where you can truly be yourself and explore this delicate and important topic.

Who is it for?

Social relationships are some of the most important aspects in any human life. We are hardwired to connect and be part of a network of people for our survival since ancient days. According to Maslows hierarchy of needs, love and relationships fulfill an important part in our level of satisfaction and is a stepping stone for our own self-actualization. Modern research also have seen that our social relationships affect our mental and physical health both short and long term as well as our mortality risk. Relationships can be a source of comfort or stress, can support prosocial and healthy behaviors but can also promote self-destructive behaviors (Umberson, 2010). 

Looking from a spiritual or developmental perspective, our relationships can be the biggest area of inner growth and expansion, if we know how to move through our challenges and learn from them.

This workshop is for all who are willing and curious to grow through relationships. You can come with your partner and you can come alone. We will explore patterns in intimate relationships as well as in other kinds of relationships with parents, children, friends, colleagues etc.

Practical details

Dates & time:
March 3-5

Friday 18.00-21.00
Saturday 10-18
Sunday 10-17

2900 SEK

Registration fee: 700 SEK*

Din Insida, Stortorget 3, Gamla Stan, Stockholm

*Payment upon registration, and refundable up until 2 weeks before the event.