Zen Coaching Training

The Zen Coaching Training is a one-year, part-time coach training that offers a deep and life changing journey. It was created by Kåre Landfald (Norway) who has trained more than 500 coaches in Sweden, Norway, Polen and South Africa since 2005. Teachers in the training are Kåre Landfald, Kavina Thorslund, Roger Marklund and Marta Obrycka. It offers a certification as a coach in the international Zen Coaching network. After you have completed the training, you will be able to support others in finding clarity, connection to their own answers and ability to act with more power in life through a deep transformational coaching process based on simplicity and presence.

Who is it for?

The Zen Coaching Training is suitable for all individuals who work with other people, whether as managers, teachers, social workers, coaches, advisors etc. It is for anyone who is interested in supporting other people in developing a deeper contact with themselves, compared to what is usually promoted in management, coaching and consulting.

The education is also of value for those who are interested in exploring a deeper connection to oneself and others and to live a life of greater satisfaction. During the training you will go through a powerful process of increased self-knowing, transformation and presence.

No prior knowledge is needed to participate in the training, although previous experience of working with people, meditation and personal development can be seen as an advantage.

“ALL of you is included in this process!”

Participant in the Zen Coaching Training, 2022

“If life, routines and duty weighs heavy on your shoulders this workshop can give you a very powerful perspective on… everything.”

Participant in the Zen Coaching Training, 2022

“Amazing teachers who I will be keeping following and attending trainings for when they appear! :) I have since the start of the training felt safe and you create an atmosphere that invites daring to go to more challenging places.”

Participant in the Zen Coaching Training, 2022

“I feel the workshop and the whole training has given me tools to look deeper into myself and the curiosity to find out who I am, for real.”

Participant in the Zen Coaching Training, 2022

“It is a beautiful safe space that is created where it feels like it is ok to be who you are in every moment. Felt like the teachers have an incredible amount of knowledge and that they see right through you, in a good way. It felt like being in a safe but challenging bubble.”

Participant in the Zen Coaching Training, 2022
“Amazing teachers and a journey to get to know and accept yourself!”
Participant in the Zen Coaching Training, 2022
Zen Ring

The structure of the training

The training is offered in Sweden, Poland and South Africa.

  • 4 modules – 5 days each (20 days in total)
  • You can do first module without committing to the rest of the training
  • Duration approximately 1 year depending on when you begin
  • Teaching language is English
  • After completion and fulfillment of training requirements, a coaching diploma is granted
  • Residential retreats in Sweden, in other places it is offered as a non-residential retreat

Dates for Swedish training 2023-2024

Module 1:
3-8 January 2023 at Ängsbacka Course Center
6-11 June 2023 at Ängsbacka Course Center

Module 2: 23-27 August 2023 at Kärlingesund Retreat Center

Module 3: 15-19 November 2023 at Kärlingesund Retreat Center

Module 4: 28 February – 3 March 2024 at Kärlingesund Retreat Center

The Zen Way of Coaching is the foundation and basis of the approach of Zen Coaching. Here we will explore the simplicity and power in stopping, and enjoying the moment just as it is. We are practicing our ability to be fully with our experience, however it is, and let the natural intelligence of life lead us in our lives.

You can join this module without committing to the full Zen Coaching Training. It is a wonderful support in being with yourself and others in an empathic, accepting and co-empowering way.

This module is specifically focused on personal transformation and healing. We will discover the “hidden rooms” within us that often times we are so afraid of. To meet them with friendliness open a doorway to our full potential as human beings and supports us in getting deeper connection to all our hidden power and un-owned aspects of ourselves. Here we can start integrating and embodying all aspects of Being in our daily life.

In this module we go deeper into the qualities of the heart; deep empathic listening, authentic communication and powerful questions. We will explore principles from the Non Violent Communication approach and the art of living in authentic relations in all aspects of life – with our family, friends, at work and in social situations.

In this last module we will explore action and manifestation from Being, meaning living from our heart and full potential in our everyday lives, as fully embodied human beings. We will explore the coaching process more in detail; the coaching relationship, ethics and process. This module will also include a powerful and transformative workshop about our relationship to money, as well as an exploration about the basic principles for succeeding as a professional coach.