Individual Zen Coaching Sessions

How is your life today?
How would you like it to be?
What are you longing for?
Have you reached a point in your life where it’s time for a change?
Do you need support in moving forward, creating a new reality for yourself?

If so, you have come to the right place.

As coaches, we are dedicated to support you as our client to grow, evolve and reach your potential. We always start with where you are at now, looking at the issue you are facing and where you would like to be after the coaching is over. Our navigating guideline is the inner experience in the present moment to that which we are discovering, as well as establishing your needs and longings. We know that when life is free to move through you in an obstructed way, the answers and resources will naturally surface. We are what we long for. And when we truly understand that, we can become the true creators of our lives that we were meant to be.

Some of the areas we work with:

  • How to maintain healthy and satisfying relationships
  • How to be an effective leader in relationship to yourself and others
  • Personal development and find deep inner connection
  • Performance and fitness related goals and issues
  • School, work and career related issues
  • Stress prevention and stress management
  • How to face changes in life in a powerful and compassionate way
  • Managing and moving on from times of crisis in life

Free 30 minutes intro call

Before you book any of our coaching packages, we offer you a free session for 30 minutes where you can feel into the coach and the approach without committing to anything. During this call we can look into any questions you might have, introduce the coaching process and how we work as well as look into the issue you have to see what format would fit you best. Click the button below and book your free coaching session now.

What is coaching?

Coaching today is a broad term used in many different situations and settings. In general, coaching is a way of supporting people to solve their own problems, so that they can reach the inner and outer changes and goals they are longing for. The coaching method can be used for all of life’s different areas, whether we are talking about our private life, business life, sports etc. As attentive and sensible coaches, we know that our clients always bear the answers to their problems within themselves, although at times they need some assistance to find them

The collaboration between coach and client

When you decide to visit a coach, you are choosing to invest in yourself, your life and your dreams. You are also starting a collaboration process with another person where YOU are in focus. You are owning the agenda, topics and content and the role of the coach is exclusively to support you and your growth. To have someone else on your team while moving through different challenges or phases in life can be incredibly supportive and make the whole difference of struggling through life or consciously meeting the challenges and rising through them.

Zen Ring

Here you’ll find examples on how coaching can help you:

  • Getting clear on your dreams, visions and goals empowers you with the determination to accomplish them

  • Increasing your level of self-acceptance, self-love and self-confidence

  • Offering greater self-knowledge and therefore greater power in your own life

  • Increasing your joy in living – professionally and in your private life

  • Increasing a sense of purpose, joy and motivation in all areas of life

  • Developing deeper and more fulfilling relationships

  • Improving your communication and cooperation skills makes you a more inspiring co-worker and leader

  • Living according to your heart’s calling and fulfilling more of your true potential

”Coaching har utvecklat min förmåga att välja vad jag vill även i riktigt svåra lägen.”

Malin Edlund
Malin Edlund