We offer supervision to coaches trained in Zen Coaching and to others who offer healing conversations and coaching from other schools.  Our speciality is coaching with presence, to stop and notice the present moment, feeling the body and the feelings within the body as we are exploring the topics in the session, getting in touch with needs and longings and supporting the client to reconnect to their “being-space”.

We support you to explore situations, challenges and longings you have in relation to your work as a coach, and/or in relation to a specific client. This is a conversation that first and foremost is about YOU, since YOU are the tool. The conversation is confidential, and you will not mention any names, so that the integrity of your clients will not be breached.

Identify your blind spots

Working as a coach or in other ways working with people’s growth processes is usually a very rewarding, meaningful and inspiring job. At times, it can also be challenging and we might not know how to support our clients in the best way possible. For instance, when clients go through situations and processes that we as coaches have not been through ourselves. Or if the material they are working with are triggering unresolved feelings and topics inside of ourselves. In order to be a powerful coach, we too need to be intimate with and know ourselves, paying attention to our own unresolved patterns and recognise if we get triggered by the process of our clients.

Also an experienced coach can be challenged in some situations, or act from a blind spot. It is part of the work to identify these and move through them, so that we don’t avoid or stear away from important topics where our client needs our full presence to find resolution to their issues. In a worst-case scenario, this can disturb the entire coaching process.

Some challenges or traps can be:

  • The coach takes too much responsibility for the process of the client
  • The coach is moving too fast and is impatient with where the client is in his/her process
  • The coach is concerned about being liked and therefore does not dare to give the honest and sometimes confronting reflections that can be uncomfortable for the client yet bring the process further
  • The coach is going into stress, lacking trust in himself/herself, the process, the client or the unfolding of life itself

To access these triggers and traps, usually we need support. Through the help and guidance of an experienced coach, you will find and be able to resolve the blind spots that you carry with you into your role as coach. As you do this inner work, you will be a more effective and powerful support for your clients.

Other reasons to seek supervision is to dive further into the art of coaching, deepening the understanding of the healing involved in a coaching process and to nourish the hunger to learn, grow and expand as a human and as a support for others.

David Tham

“Du skapar ett väldigt tryggt utrymme där allt får finnas. Detta ger mig möjlighet att lära känna delar av mig själv som förut kan ha varit dolda och därigenom få tillgång till den vishet som finns inom mig.”

David Tham
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We offer supervision in two ways: